Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Zebras Are Aggressive Panhandlers

. . . and none too bright. We took the boys to Fossil Rim over the weekend, and, although a number of the animals were quite cheeky and forward in their attempts to invade the cabin of the car, the zebras seemed to want to climb in and actually drive it. When we tried rolling up the window, they would leave their muzzles inside until the very last minute and darned near get trapped. Unlike our first trip, we did not have a giraffe stick its head down through the sunroof. Parnell was kind of disappointed about this.

Slide show follows. The extreme animal close-ups were not created via optical and/or digital zoom - the animals were really that "in-your-face". (In fact, I had to pull as far back as possible in the passenger seat to get the shots of them coming through the driver's side window.)

Click on the slide show to pull photos up to full screen and see captions.

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