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Personal Statement

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Parkerisms (and one Connorism) - May 2009 Edition

En route to a birthday party for a boy named Dominic (child of a co-worker, and the boys attended Zoo School together, but it had been awhile since Parker saw him): "Is Domino black or white?" For a moment, I thought that we were going to have to have a talk about ethnic diversity and racial sensitivity - and then I realized that he thought that we would be attending a birthday party for an actual DOMINO and wanted to know if the birthday boy (or birthday game tile?) was black with white dots or white with black dots.

In the car on the same outing, mid-argument with his older brother: "Connor, do you know who I'm going to call on my Power Rangers flip phone when we get home? The cops. Because I have their number."

In response to a sassy "Oh, no, you dii-n't," from Connor: "Oh, yes, I DII-ID."

After confusing his elbow for his shoulder: "Yeah, I get those confused. But THIS is my bicep, and THIS is my tricep, and THIS (pointing to his back) is my erectus spinae muscle. Ha!"

After watching six billion Vulcans perish at the hands of a vengeful Romulan in "Star Trek" (sorry for the spoiler if you haven't seen the movie): "Mom, I REALLY like those guys [the Romulans]." I guess when you're the little brother, you start to root for the underdog. And we're pretty sure that Connor IS a Vulcan, as is evidenced by this interchange that took place during the aforementioned movie viewing (after Captain Kirk is marooned on a dangerous ice world):

"Why would they send him someplace dangerous?"
"Well, the computer told him to stay put and wait to be rescued. But he's too much of a hothead and blew the hatch because he was impatient."
"Mom, it's an ice planet. EVERYONE is hot-headed, compared to the air temperature."

I also think I heard him muttering something over the weekend about experimenting with nerve pinches. Care to guess who his first victim will be?

(Post-script: Further evidence that there are pointy ears lurking under Connor's hairline . . . . We were riding in the car, listening to the White Stripes, and Connor inquired as to WHICH seven nations would comprise the army that the White Stripes intended to fight off - "because their chances of winning, Mom, are dependent on the nations involved.")

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