Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hot Dog (on a Cold Night)

Hi. My name is Ace the Batdog.

It's almost Valentine's Day, which is why I'm sporting this way cool Snoopy bandanna.

This is my big sister, Ruby Tuesday. She has a cool Valentine's Day bandanna, too.

I am a very good dog - well, when I'm not pooping in the house or stealing stuffed animals from beds. (Hey, they look like dog toys.) I love my people (especially the smaller ones), and they love me.

So, when my mommy got the urge to bake (which she does when we're under a "Winter Storm Warning" - whatever that is), she decided to make cookies in my likeness - and she made them out of gingerbread dough, because she knows two things about the small people in my house: (1) they LOVE gingerbread; and (2) they tend to drop stuff on the floor. She also knows something about me and my sister: we like to eat stuff that falls on the floor (hmm . . . maybe it's not a coincidence that I seem to gravitate to the smalls). Since chocolate can make Ruby and me sick, Mom calls gingerbread a "safe" cookie.

The shiny stuff is a grapefruit-powdered sugar glaze. Normally Mom uses lemon on gingerbread, but she's been on a grapefruit kick lately. She did make some chocolate chip cookies, too, but only a few, on account of how Daddy appropriated the bowl of dough before she could bake them. So the boys only got a few CC cookies out of the deal - made into sandwiches, with cream cheese frosting in the middle, and with the edges rolled in sprinkles:

This is my sister Ruby:

And this is me. My eyes are little balls of caramel; Mom didn't have any mini chocolate chips handy, and she thought that caramel suited me (because I inherited light brown eyes from my dachshund parent).

Want a piece of me? You should. Because I am delicious.

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