Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Friday, June 25, 2010

More Kid Art (and Kid Musings)

Going through personal files in my office, and came across two more Connor masterpieces, circa 2nd grade. The first is a companion piece to his elevation for a mixed-use residential project. Yes, you are looking at a depiction of the Montgomery Plaza Super Target. God love him - he knows where his mother's heart resides. Second grade? Yeah, I was PTA president back then, as well as a room mom, and I was making, on average, 5.3 MPST runs per week. If I managed to make it two days without a MPST visit, the checkers would get concerned and ask where I'd been. I was the Norm Peterson of MPST. I am proud to say that I only make it to the store around three times per week these days. Despite my husband's initial concerns, this scaling back has not resulted in the collapse of either the local economy or Western civilization.

Second item was intended as an homage to Diego Rivera:

Finally, I found a short but sweet (and funny) journal entry dating to November 16, 2007 (so first semester of second grade):


I am thankful for my cat Max. Because when I am depressed he makes me feel better. And he hurts my brother before he hurts me. And he is really silly.

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