Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, June 4, 2012

Diaspora in Reverse: APB

MISSING.  One "Madison" four-shelf book rack from Pottery Barn Kids.  Used to reside behind the door to the Big Kid's room.  Now needed for the Little Kid's room.  Expected to find it in a moving carton by now.  Wondering if the contractors are responsible for its disappearance, along with the globes to two ceiling fans.  (Globe #1 disappeared early on.  Suspect it was broken and on one wants to own up to it.  Pointed out to contractors that the fan in the living room and the fan in the dining room match, on account of how the rooms are open concept.  Thus, if it's not possible to find a replacement globe, and it's necessary to replace the entire fan - which is a damned nice fan, by the way - it will be necessary to replace TWO damned nice fans.  Contractors took Globe #2 to Home Depot and Lowe's to find a replacement part.  Contractors never returned.  (This was a few days before the return move.)  Neither has Globe #2. 

So contractors may be buying us two new fans.  In the interim, I am enjoying the effect of naked light bulbs.  At least I can now turn off the light separately from the fan (well, in one room, anyway), after finding the fan remote in a box marked "Napkins."

I think it's a fair metaphor to say that the last ten months have been a battle, and now I feel like a general surveying the battlefield and assessing the extent of the carnage.  Only the numbers on my loss reports don't correspond to humans (thankfully) but to ceiling fans and book racks.


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