Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Returns to Thomas Place, Part Deux

A couple more "teal, teal Christmas" pics.  The first one was a canvas I painted, threw in an old frame and topped with a folk art Santa.  It was the perfect dimensions to replace a framed mola that was a little too bright (and too orange) to leave up during the holidays.

My sampler of Elf quotes was displayed below my odd "Santa installation."

Since I have a small collection of matryoshki and kokeshi dolls that sometimes find themselves displayed on the shelf in the hallway, I decided to make the area outside of the boys' bathroom "Doll Central."

I had as much fun decorating the kitchen - because there's lots of new nooks and crannies to bedeck.  I was particularly happy with these wreaths, which started out as two dusty, unused wreaths in the carriage house, a handful of sugar cookie-themed ornaments and some vintage light reflectors.  (As I was packing down stuff after the holiday, I came across more kitchen-themed stuff, and I tricked the wreaths out a bit more before putting them up for the year.)

I actually found four wreaths total.  The other two I decorated for outdoor use, utilizing a bunch of shatterproof ornaments that I acquired for . . . something, can't remember what . . . a few years back, and never actually used.  I felt very virtuous for having repurposed so much useless junk - and the wreaths came out super-cute, to boot.  Will share those photos when I get around to downloading 'em.

I Buddy-ed the master bedroom, too.   A Santa here, a garland there, and lots of Stewart tartan.  The tartan sleigh was a major score at the antique mall - I think I paid four dollars for it?   I think it's adorable - AND (bonus) it made a great remote control caddy.  Didn't lose the ceiling fan remote once over the holidays, which is a remarkable feat in our household.

A few more pics to follow.

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