Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, November 3, 2014

Connor AKA: The Brother

Essay written by the Little Kid:

Connor AKA:  The Brother
Do you have a special person in your life?  My special person is probably my older brother Connor.  Connor has allways been a certain role modle for me.  Connor helps people and he is kind, thankful, nice, careing, thoughtful, forgiveful and is a great person in general.
Connor also does very fun things with me.  Some examples are playing soccer, football, baseball, basketball, riding bikes, going to movies, playing video games, helping me with schoolwork and many other wonderful things.
Connor also does comunity service with me.  Some comunity services we do together are Cowtown Brushup, volunteering at nursing homes and other things like helping my grandma on her farm which gives something to Aledo, etc., etc.
I am so thankful for having such a great person in my life.  My brother Connor is truely the most special person in my life.  Now tell me who your person is again?
And his mother's heart grew three sizes that day - and she resolved to scan said essay into PDF and save it to Google Drive, so that any time the Little Kid expressed dislike for the Big Kid, or Big Kid claimed that the Little Kid MUST have it in for him, she could present them with conclusive evidence of The Truth, from any location from which the Internet was accessible.

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