Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Connor on the Olympics

(Upon learning that the US volleyball coach's in-laws were stabbed by a deranged Chinese man): "Was he on beer, or crack?"

(While watching the closing ceremonies): "Opera music always makes me cry - kind of. Wait, maybe it's just the glare from the lights making my eyes tear up. I can totally see the wires on that acrobat. Ooohhh, COOL - I want pogo stick shoes. Hey, that guy's hanging upside down from a drum. The blood must be rushing to his head."

(Upon learning how much it will cost us to buy tickets to the opening or closing ceremonies when we go to London for the '12 Olympics): "I think we should go to the closing ceremonies, because we'll have more time to make the money to buy the tickets - two weeks, to be exact."

And his dad's favorite comment: "Excuse me? Table tennis is a SPORT?"

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