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Personal Statement

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Parkerisms - August 2008 Edition

Insight into the three year-old mind:

"You get what you get, and you don't throw a Caden." (Caden is a preschool friend, who evidently is prone to throwing fits?)

"We live in North Mexico, USA." (No, this is not an expression of a "hot sports opinion" re: US immigration policy. The other day, we were playing one of PJ's favorite games, "What else?" which goes something like this: "Mom, what planet do we live on?" "Earth." "Where else do we live?" "North America." "Where else?" "The United States." "Where else?" "Texas." You get the gist. After running out of obvious answers, Mom started freestyling, and threw in "North of Mexico, south of Canada." "North Mexico" stuck, I guess.)

"'Alphabet and the Chipmunks' was a funny movie." (Parker is obsessed with the alphabet, and will point at words he does not know and say, "Hey, look - ABCDEFG . . . .")

"Ear-wier, we saw 'Bee Movie.'" ("Ear-wier" - "earlier," spoken with a child's lisp, drawn out and followed by a pause - is the Parker equivalent of Connor's go-to preschool word, "actually." It functions primarily as a placeholder. It also can refer to something that happened earlier in the day, last month, last year, or at some point in the Cretaceous Period. Basically, he likes saying it because it puts people on notice: "I am a big boy - I use adverbs.")

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