Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Twelfth Anniversary

"We were friends for a long time. And then we weren't. And then we fell in love."

It was twelve years ago that this Sally married her Harry. Our anniversary fell on a weekend that was booked solid with school events, a masquerade ball and a softball tournament (how's that for variety?), so we celebrated the occasion amidst family and good friends. We did manage to find a couple of hours in between in which to sneak off to The Ginger Man for a couple of beers and some deep conversation, reminiscent of our early (best-friend, pre-dating) days at the Crown & Anchor Pub in Austin. The conversation topics have evolved over the years, but it's nice to know that, two kids, a mortgage and a lot of "life experience" later, we still comfortably share the one brain.

Adding to the deja vu feeling - (1) the discovery that one of my masked ball cohorts (a relatively recent friend addition) was in a spirit organization with me at UT (I KNEW that I knew her when I met her - I just couldn't place her in that time period) and (2) the sight of all of the softball tourney participants running around in t-shirts that I had designed. Shades of college days . . . . Photo is of Culinary Arts' adorable (cupcake-themed) entry into the base-decorating contest.

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