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Personal Statement

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Happy birthday to Robyn! (Okay, it was last week, but this is the first blogging opportunity that I have had in awhile.) Her birthday dinner was a blast - Tex-Mex and margaritas at Joe T's, followed by Black Forest cake from Ridglea CC. Baby Greenleigh (pictured here) is a recent convert to the BF cake (but, given that she's a baby, she's a recent convert to pretty much everything!). We gave her some at the Moormans' Christmas open house, and she was instantly hooked. Love the way that her eyes are tracking the cake in this picture . . . .

Is anyone else wondering why the billboards for the Kimbell's "Art & Love in Renaissance Italy" exhibition feature Joey Tribbiani from"Friends"? (If you live in FW, take a good look at the guy in the middle of the painting, wearing what appears to be the Renaissance equivalent of a black leather jacket, and tell me that he doesn't look like Joey, complete with the patented Tribbiani "How YOU doin'?" expression. Or perhaps one of the T-Birds from "Grease"?)

Seen on a woman shopping at the Montgomery Street Super Target: a t-shirt that said, "Life is Better Blonde." Did I mention that she was brunette? Like, REALLY brunette, and it was obviously her natural color? I'm hoping that she is a big fan of irony, because otherwise we're talking about someone with a major self-image problem.

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Robyn said...

I am SUPER excited that my birthday gathering made it on the Purposefully Whimsical Blog!! It was a lot of fun! That is a really cute picture even if I do look a little confused in the I about to loose my balance or is that the one too many margaritas I had that evening?