Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, Monday . . . .

When I fired up Pandora this afternoon, the first song on the playlist was New Order's "Blue Monday," which had me wondering - random chance or a wink from the Pandora gods (goddesses)? The next selection was an uptempo ditty by a band called Suicide Commando off of an album titled "Bind, Torture, Kill." At this point, I decided that Pandora clearly has a serious case of the Mondays - and also, evidently, has profiled me as a devotee of synth pop (which is somewhat true).

My Monday has been decidedly un-blue - I went to the dentist this morning anticipating that X-rays would reveal that I had fractured a molar, requiring both a crown and a root canal. Actual diagnosis - I am a princess, and the bleepin' pea is in my mouth. Even the smallest mouth "issue" (in this case, a slightly receded gumline) unleashes a furious bout of tongue-prodding, inflaming the nerves and making my teeth feel huge and out of place in my head. I go to sleep, grind on the offending teeth all night, and wake up in tremendous discomfort, ready for another round of totally counter-productive tongue-prodding. The prescription - Sensodyne and a custom mouthguard. Heck of a lot better (healthier, more economical) than a crown and a root canal. I'm wondering if I'll have an easier time sleeping through the night with the mouth guard in place. Goofy that I am eagerly awaiting the phone call to tell me that it's ready for pickup?

Mad props to Dr. Raulston for not selling me a bill of goods. If you are looking for a dentist in the Metroplex that will tell it to you straight, give her a call!

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