Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, May 12, 2014

Things That Made Me Feel Old This Week

[An occasional series inspired by my 44th birthday and my recent experience accompanying my college roommate while she put down a deposit on her son's dorm room.]

Caught the tail end of "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and: 

Found myself empathizing with some of the aging characters' storylines.

Remembered reading that Pierce Brosnan will be one of the aging characters in the sequel.

Attempted to come to terms with the fact that Pierce Brosnan now plays elderly dudes.

Realized that it's Richard Gere, not Pierce Brosnan, who is appearing in the sequel.

Felt really old for confusing Richard Gere and Pierce Brosnan, which is something my mother might do.

Attempted to come to terms with the fact that Richard Gere now plays elderly dudes.

IMDB'd Richard Gere - yep, he turns 65 in August.

Acknowledged that I have a small crush on Dev Patel.

Realized that I am old enough to be Dev Patel's mother without said birth being scandalous.

Remembered that I first noticed that Dev Patel was oddly cute, not during "Slumdog Millionaire" or an episode of "Newsroom," BUT WHILE WATCHING "THE LAST AIRBENDER" MOVIE WITH MY CHILDREN.

(So that last one didn't make me feel old so much as it made me feel pervy.)

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