Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

All Is Right With the World

THE ADVENT CALENDAR HAS CANDY CANES.  Now the fighting over said candy canes can commence. 
"It's my turn to get the candy cane."

"No, you're odd days, I'M even.  This one is mine."
I bought two dozen extra, so that BOTH kids will get a candy cane EVERY DAY, regardless of who updates the calendar.  That may cut down on the bickering.  Although the bickering, I think, is part of the fun, for all involved.
Candy Cane Santa hangs in the hallway next to the "Doodle of the Day" chalkboard that, in retrospect, I should have titled "Doodle That Mom Adds, Maybe, Occasionally, When She Remembers."  Let the record show that it currently has a seasonally appropriate doodle.  Which will probably stay in place through December and not be replaced until February.
Meh.  Consistency is overrated.  More fun to keep them guessing.  For example, by starting the Christmas countdown on December 2nd.

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