Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christine the Elf

Friend Christine is a Santa elf in human form.
Sitting at my desk, and a message pops up.  Just a picture - this picture.

BING.  Another message.  "Does P need a chair in his room?"
YES.  If it's a shark-shaped chair, and it's flipping adorable, YES.
My actual response:  "OMG, WHERE ARE YOU?"
Her response to my response:  "Homegoods!  Call me."
As I am dialing the number, picture #2 comes through:

"They have yellow and navy, black and green, and gray and turquoise."

A good friend calls and tells you that there are shark-shaped chairs at Homegoods, in a variety of colorways.  A really good friend advises you that the chair is getting purchased either way, because technically she's not finished with your son's birthday present, but she is giving you the option of being the awesome person who gifts him with a shark-shaped chair.  (I believe her actual words were, "I don't want to upstage you with the shark chair without permission.")  We agreed on the more authentic grey/turquoise color combo and that she would buy and I would reimburse.

"Okay, he's in my basket.  I knew that you would want to know, and I knew that he wouldn't last long."

Yup, and agreed.  Aaaaaaaaaand, in five minutes' time, "whimsical wow gift for under the tree" was crossed off of my list - before said list was even completed.

I am fortunate to have several such elves in my life - those awesome girlfriends (plus one male coworker and my mom) who randomly discover something that they know I will want to know about, and possibly acquire, and immediately text me (well, Mom doesn't text, she calls) and offer to serve as personal shopper.  You all know who you are, and - because I don't say it often enough - you're all kinds of appreciated.

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