Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Saturday, May 8, 2010

May Frimily Brunch - "Ocho de Mayo"

Frimily brunch went on hiatus in April, as there wasn't room on the calendar for a brunch, what with Elizabeth and my birthday party, JWC golf tournament, Race for the Cure and after-brunch at Blue Mesa, etc. And it wasn't like we lacked for opportunities to get together; see the immediately preceding sentence.

May frimily brunch was a Mexican-themed potluck, and it was FAB. I made margaritas (yeah, I kind of phoned in the signature cocktail this month!) and gazpacho shooters. Robyn made a potato, chorizo and egg casserole and a chicken chilaquiles casserole. Ruth brought refried beans and attempted (very successfully) her first flan - a yummy chocolate number. The Pittmans brought a fruit salad, and Austin made "tableside guacamole" (we are thinking of renting him out for parties - it's breakfast and a show!). Elizabeth and Haleigh made an early AM Esperanzas run and showed up with pan de huevo and pineapple and pumpkin empanadas.

We then spent the next several hours feeding our faces - repeatedly. The leftovers ended up in our refrigerator, and more of Robyn's delish casseroles made it into our stomachs come dinner time. Anticipating another nosh (and finishing the pastries) Sunday morning - and then I may have to make arrangements to have myself rolled out of the house come Monday morning. Ay, chihuahua - but I mean that in a really good way.

There is nothing better than starting the weekend with good friends. Wish every Saturday was frimily brunch day! Photos added to the Frimily Brunch slide show (go to "older posts" to access). Yes, the Mexican blouse/dress concept was totally planned. We're all huge dorks.

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