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Personal Statement

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Grown-Up Christmas List

(The following is a mostly self-serving blog post, representing a VERY heavy-handed hint to my various, occasionally clueless family members . . . but if anyone else gets something out of it, well, then, there's my community service for the day.)

I LOVE THE "TASTING PARTY COLLECTION" AT PIER 1! I LOVE IT SO MUCH THAT (with apologies to 30 Rock's Tracy Jordan) I WANT TO TAKE IT BEHIND A MIDDLE SCHOOL AND GET IT PREGNANT! My favorite items are above - the square serving tray and the mini martini glasses, which, in addition to holding cocktails, can hold mini salads, other appetizer tidbits and desserts. The glasses pictured are sold by the piece, but you can buy a case of slightly shorter ones, twelve to a box and complete with tiny gelato-ish spoons. (They also have tall and short shotglasses and ramekins, similarly packaged with spoons, for serving individual parfaits, quiches, whatever floats your boat.)

I also like these tasting spoons. Bought a bunch of them, along with a crate of mini martinis, for my friend's birthday, and I purchased the nine-hole tray as part of my donation to the Encore auction tonight. I am packaging it with cupcake liners, because that's an entirely different, but equally cool, use for it - and I may break down and buy some of the martini glasses, notwithstanding that that will put me over my auction item budget.

Fell in love with these "sampler sets" once I figured out what you are supposed to do with them - evidently, they are space-aged skewer display-amabobs. You could put veggies in them, too, sliced into strips for dipping, or serve soup in them:

Yes, I have little room to store stuff like this in my inconvenient old house with limited storage space - but I would make the room. And then I would throw parties. Parties for my generous relatives to thank them for buying me all of this lovely, lovely stuff.

And if, while you're at Pier 1, you wanted to pick up one of these for me:

at the clearance price of $8.98, well, that would be okay, too. I have absolutely no use for it. But it amuses me. Because of the monkey nipples.

That is all.

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