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Personal Statement

Friday, November 26, 2010

Ideas for NEXT Thanksgiving

Wish I'd seen these before yesterday. From One Charming Party's Web site (, as featured on The Martha Stewart Show:

It's a paper bag turkey! I didn't read the instructions really closely, but it looks like they turned the large grocery sack inside-out (so any printing on the bag is hidden), and the drumsticks are paper lunch sacks. But here's the really cool part . . . .

Yup, it's filled with popcorn - and an adult (or older, responsible child) can "carve" it with a knife to release all of that buttery, corny goodness (like a Jiffy Pop bag!). As the proprietress of OCP explained to Martha: it's a centerpiece and an appetizer. I would add some harvest-colored M&M's and candy Indian corn to the popcorn for an extra treat. Not sure why, but my kids LOVE "candy popcorn," as they call it. And so do our adult neighbors - whenever I put it out for a multi-generational get-together, the grown-ups end up eating it all.

Another adorable idea - party crackers that look like corn on the cob. I have actually made "corn poppers" before, pinata-style, but these are so much easier: you wrap the trinkets in yellow tissue paper, forming a tube, and then you wrap a tamale wrapper that has been painted light green around that, tying off the ends with raffia. Wouldn't these make great placecards at the kids' table?

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