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Personal Statement

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WONDERful Party Idea

Friend Monica forwarded this to me via a post on my Facebook wall. I absolutely adored EVERYTHING about my joint 40th birthday party with Friend Elizabeth - it was perfect from beginning to end - so I can't say that I am exactly having birthday party remorse, but . . . I do feel the need to have a 41st birthday party coming on. And I don't particularly feel like waiting until next spring, either. Let's see, my half birthday would be . . . crud, last month. Sigh.

Go to Hostess with the Mostess' awesome party-planning blog for the full 411 on this amazing Wonder Woman bash, styled by Jamee of Setting the Mood. But here are some photos to whet your WW whistle:

Love the red, blue and yellow "candy and trinket bar." Particularly love the yellow Twizzlers transformed into edible "Lassos of Truth":

Dang, I wish I'd thought of that! Also love the letters decoupaged with comic book pages.

Hmmm . . . you know, I always thought I looked like a Shelby! Somewhat slightly off-topic, I read the other day that they are introducing (or maybe reintroducing) a kids' comic book series to go along with the "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" cartoon show, and the Valentine's issue will feature Batman and Wonder Woman . . . MARRIED. This will be BIG. NEWS. in my DC Comics-obsessed household. And the crazy cog in my brain that cranks out wacky party ideas is suddenly thinking that a BBWW wedding reception-themed Valentine's day party is in order.

So, thanks, Friend Monica! (And, on behalf of my long-suffering husband - gee, THANKS, Monica.)

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