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Personal Statement

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back on the Blogging Wagon

Technically, I HAVE been writing blog posts since Thanksgiving - I just haven't gotten around to actually posting anything - due to a combination of factors:

1. After looking at our packed holiday event schedule, I decided to power through and decorate/purchase/wrap everything the weekend after Thanksgiving. (No, I did not reverse my anti-Black Friday policy, thank you very much.)

2. Since powering through decorating/purchasing/wrapping, I have been enjoying the fruits of said labors - and dealing with the aforementioned packed holiday event schedule.

3. Because I voiced the thought that things were kind of slow at work, things stopped being slow at work. (When, oh, when, will I ever learn?)

4. I keep misplacing camera peripherals, making it difficult to upload pictures. First, I lost the cord that allows me to pull photos from camera to computer without having to fiddle with the thingie that makes my memory chip adaptable to the computer's memory chip port, which is an entirely different shape and size. Then I forgot that I have the adapter thing. Then I remembered that I had it - contemporaneously with locating the cord. Then I lost the battery charger. That's the big one. My go-to camera uses a battery pack rather than normal-sized rechargeable batteries, so you have to put the pack in another thing that plugs into the wall. As I am typing this, I am starting to rather resent Go-To Camera and its plethora o' "this thing doesn't fit into that thing" issues. Anyway, spouse informs me that a second battery pack and plug thingie were part of my Christmas and are now to be part of my pre-Christmas - as soon as they arrive. In the meatime, I am dealing with Backup Camera, which uses rechargeable batteries, which means I had to locate (a) the battery charger and (b) the cord to the battery charger (because it would be TOO FLIPPIN' SIMPLE to make the charger and the charger's cord one unified piece of equipment).


Seriously - I feel like a significant portion of my life here in the Modern Age is spent looking for cords and matching them to their devices. But I guess this is a small price to pay for Modern Age convenience. Like, ten years ago, when I ran out of photos to put in our Christmas cards, I would have to find the negative for the Christmas photo, take it to the photo lab, then make another trip to pick them up. Now I send the photo to Super Target via Shutterfly . . . drive to Super Target and learn that the machine is down. Meaning that I will have to make another trip to pick them up. So - what was I saying? But I definitely save time not searching for negatives. Time that I can spend searching for cords.

Yeah, it's a zero-sum game, people. Which is why I'm enjoying this sign from ArteHouse (on sale on HauteLook's Web site for $18 to $45, depending on the size):Definitely much more fun to sing on the way up the mountain than complain about your sore tootsies. Trying to do more of the former and less of the latter this holiday (which is the subject of a blog post that you haven't seen, because - well, see 1 through 4 above).

So - back on the blogging wagon I go. Recipes, gift and decorating ideas to follow, along with musings on the subject of "paying it forward." Oh, and photos - maybe, possibly photos.

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