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Personal Statement

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

C is for Cookie - and Sam?

Friend Sarah's small son Samuel (AKA the philosopher in a little kid suit) likes to rename himself - frequently. Well, "frequently" up to a point - when he hit the name "C" (yes, C is a name - thanks for asking) he seems to have decided to call it good. And C he has remained . . . .

Sarah and I were discussing Sam's birthday a couple of weeks back, specifically her difficulties in getting him to select - and stick with - a theme for his b-day soiree. I remembered seeing an initial birthday party theme in Martha Stewart's magazine and suggested that it might be a good hedge position for both of them. Hey - birthday boy thinks of himself as "C," and what better theme for a boy's birthday party than birthday boy himself?

So here's the idea page from Ms. Martha. You could get a lot of mileage from stencils - sprinkle letters onto cupcake icing, add initials to water bottle labels, etc. It looks like Martha (or, let's be realistic, one of her talented minions) also used stencils of various sizes to create the border on the tablecloth.

From here, you would add in elements starting with the featured letter - and, as it turns out, C is a pretty good letter where parties are concerned (hmm, maybe there was a method to Sam's cute madness?). Cake, candles, cookies . . . and I would add a bucket of plastic forks labeled "cutlery," on the theory that it's never too early to start using the proper two-dollar words for things. Maybe a "cards" bin in which guests could deposit their birthday greetings?

Treat bags would feature C items and could take the form of crackers made from cardboard and crepe . . . okay, clearly it's a good thing that someone didn't get a label maker for Christmas, or I would identify a C name for everything and mark them accordingly. Hey - Christmas starts with C, too.

Sarah - have at it! 

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