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Personal Statement

Friday, December 17, 2010

File Under "Ideas for Next Year"

Love this idea for a Christmas card holder, courtesy of A Diamond in the Stuff 's blog. I have seen a stripped-down version of this, employing an unpainted wire tomato cage and binder clips, which would be a nice alternative if you are going for a modern, industrial-y look, but this one has an added cuteness factor that caught my attention.

Four or five years ago, I decided that I could not live with the idea of photos of my friends' kids languishing in a box (or worse), so I started creating scrapbooks of them. The first few years' worth of photos are organized by family, as I was working off of historical cards and pictures. Since then, I have simply added stuff to the books as they arrive in the mail. Although looking at photos of their friends year-to-year and side-by-side is a fun exercise for my kids, I think that they enjoy the jumbled-up scrapbooks better, because then looking for Cousin Such-and-So becomes sort of a "Where's Waldo?" affair.

But, maybe, just maybe, next year we could find room amidst the holiday clutter at Casa McGlinchey for a Tomato Cage Christmas Card Tree, to serve as a temporary home for photos before they make the final journey to The Book . . . .

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