Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Found myself on Christmas Eve taking random photos of things in my holiday environment. Found myself post-Christmas editing those photos in Lightroom as a means of teaching myself how to use the program.

The shoes (boots, actually) that I wore to church on Christmas Eve:

They are red tapestry with animal-print linings and black marabou poufs on the vamps. My husband is scared of them. For the record, I wore them with a very simple black cardigan sweater, dark red draped neck tank and black pants.

The gluhwein (spiced red wine, served warm) that I drank on Christmas Eve while we were waiting for the kids to fall asleep:

Love gluhwein. Also love this photo of my "fristers," AKA "friend sisters":

We actually went to a photography studio and posed for Christmas pictures together. I'll get around to blogging about that when Friend Robyn gives me my copy of the disk with the complete photo shoot on it. So, for now, just the teaser.

My friend Lindsay brought these reindeer to an ornament exchange a few years back. No, they are no ornaments. Do I care? Nope. Because they are awesome, and I managed to go home with them.

And, finally, a quilted star Santa that has my heart - and a featured spot on the mantel:

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