Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Inkblot Test

Last week, my mother (belatedly) gave me a bag of Halloween cookie cutters that she picked up for me. Mixed in with the bats and cats was this ghost cookie cutter:

Except when I looked at it, I saw this:

Because, in the bag, the ghost cutter was turned sideways like this:

Want a hippopotamus for Christmas? Grab a ghost-shaped cookie cutter, a jar of molasses and some ginger from the spice rack.

(Yeah, so it's not a perfect hippo shape, and full disclosure - the first few were distinctly tapir-looking. My sweet husband vigorously disagreed, assuring me that they looked EXACTLY like big-mouthed bass. But, after experimenting with icing techniques, I got a couple of them to look hippo-ish. Or hippo-adjacent.  Whatever.  The kids were amused, which is what counts in my book.)

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