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Personal Statement

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Talladega Nutcracker

Parker went to see the Nutcracker for the first time this year, and he tolerated it much better than big brother.  (We'll go with "tolerated"; "enjoyed" is too strong of a word in the context of boys and ballet.)  He even sat down to watch it on TV with his mother the other night. 

I didn't say that he stayed in the room . . . just that he sat down.  Long enough to have this conversation:

Me:  "Parker, do you remember what the story of the Nutcracker is about?"

Parker:  "Well, it's about a magic man who gives a nutcracker and a jack-in-a-box to this girl.  And the nutcracker turns into a PERSON, and he fights a BATTLE.  Against MICE."

[Notice how the parts about rodents and violence tend to stand out in a little boy's mind?  The cream rises to the top, people.]

Me:  "Do you remember the girl's name?"

Parker:  "Ummmmmmmmmmmm . . . ."

Me:  "Starts with a C?"

Parker:  "Ooh . . . CARLEY!"

For a minute, I was thinking, "Carly in Connor's class?  Carly on 'I Carly'?"  But then I made the connection.  Confession:  we indulge our kids' love for Will Ferrell through frequent viewings of "Elf" and the cheerleader skits from SNL.  Also through regular viewings of "Talladega Nights."  (We sanitize it - the fast forward button is a wonderful thing.  And we drew the line at "Old School."). 

Magic man . . . Cal Naughton, Jr.  Carley . . . Carley Bobby.

Talladega . . . Nutcracker.

"Glee" may have popularized the concept of mashups, but Parker has perfected the concept.

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