Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snippets of Our Holiday Decor

. . . . organized idea board-style:

I guess that my holiday "collection" (or collections) could be best described as equal parts vintage, folk art and sentimental - the sentimental category to include the metric ton of kid-made Christmas ornaments on our tree and the various kid art displayed throughout the house. The last board features a canvas painted by Connor at age 8, holiday art from both boys as displayed on our magnetic "art wall" - and a melamine plate decorated with felt tip marker by my spouse at age 6. Not shown: two carpet samples, each featuring footprint reindeer rendered in fabric paint. The pink one (yes, unfortunately, it is pink - really more mauve) features Connor's feet, the beige one Parker's. Carpet art was made by the boys at their preschool, five years apart. I remember being tickled - well, pink - when PJ came home with his. I dig symmetry, and I also appreciate the reminder of how the circle of life . . . well, circles, I guess. I'm not exactly sure how their preschool teachers intended us to utilize the carpet art, but we display it on the hearth, which is where Santa leaves his gifts. One of these days Santa may leave a boot print on one of the little rugs . . . .

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