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Personal Statement

Friday, July 20, 2012

Kid Stuff: Mini-Cooper Strikes Again

In the car (because that's where you have your best mom/son conversations):

"Mom, have you ever noticed that the kids in Pokemon and Digimon wander around and don't have actual jobs, but they always seem to have food?  I mean, what's their source of funding?"

SERIOUSLY?  This is what you find unrealistic about Pokemon and Digimon?  Not the fact that you have kids wandering around to begin with, with no parental supervision?  Or - oh, I don't know - the fact that said kids possess mutant animals with magical powers that, in some instances, have the power of speech, in addition to having the power to shoot laser beams out of their eyes?  And said kids force said animals to fight each other, and no one has a problem with this?  WHERE IS ANIMAL CONTROL IN THIS SCENARIO?  PROBABLY TAKING A COFFEE BREAK WITH THE FOLKS FROM CPS.  

"Umm, Mom, you know that Pokemon and Digimon aren't real life, right?"


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