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Personal Statement

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things I'm Digging: Kristin Morales, Swim Photog Extraordinaire

Ladies and gents, your repeating champions, the Ridglea Sharks - as photographed by Kristin Morales, of Memorable Moments by Kristin Morales.

In honor of tonight's big win, I wanted to share some of the great photos that Kristin took of our boys.

The Little Kid:

The Big Kid:

The two of them together:

I love the concept of them supporting each other in the water - because they totally do that.  And, also, I love the color wash that she put on this one, because it looks so perfect in my water-colored dining room. Seriously, it looks perfect:

Did I encourage my children to swim because I just so happen to have a water-colored dining room and a teal and turquoise-accented living room? NO.  I DID NOT.  It is a ridiculously happy accident.

When we were re-hanging art in the house, I knew that these pictures were en route from Kristin, so I reserved spots for them.  AND I managed to shuffle existing art and photos in such a way that I didn't have to buy any new frames - I simply used ones that I had on hand.  SCORE!  (HA!  Spouse would bark if he read this.  "Simply," his foot.  I probably spent three hours, all total, tilting at windmills, and if something got moved once, it got moved twenty times.  Spouse assumes that this is stressful for me.  Not so:  I am in my element when I am tilting at decorating windmills.)  I will admit that the house looked a little funny for a few days, what with all of the empty frames with notes scrawled on painter's tape:  "PJM - Fly."  "CSM - Back."  But look how great everything looks now:

Eventually, I will get around to posting some wide shots of the living room and dining room.  Eventually.  After the Direct TV guy comes, and after Carlos the Electrician comes to fix what is apparently a dead socket above our mantel.  After those guys come, I will no longer have extension cords running from the base of our new TV, across a chair and into a plug in the corner.  What cords I do will have will be neatly tucked into a conduit hugging the fireplace and painted the color of the wall.  At that point, I can return various items of home decor to the mantel underneath the new TV.  Right now, those home decor items are jumbled on a side table, for "safekeeping" out of the path of those dad-blamed cords.  That's okay, because they make great paperweights for the installation and instruction manuals that will remain underfoot until the dad-blamed home entertainment system is fully operational.

Long story short, my living room is a hot mess that no one in their right mind would want to photograph.  And I can't watch TV in there.  But I can stare at these gorgeous shots of my swimmer boys, and that's not nothin'.

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