Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Adventures in Party Planning: Back from Hiatus

Somehow, while preparing food for this tailgate, I did . . . something . . . to my hand. 

I blame the two bags of apples that I chopped for the caramel apple bar.

Anywho . . . an MRI and almost a month with a half cast on my left (writing) hand later, I am most of the way over what appears to have been a bad tendon strain, and am getting back into the swing of things.  "Swing of things" including, among other activities, blogging.

It's been an interesting - and challenging - few weeks.  I learned about this new thing called "patience."  Still not sure that I'm a fan.  Also experimented with this other new thing called "sitting still and not doing anything with your hands."  DEFINITELY not a fan of that one - although I am pleased to report that I have now watched EVERYTHING on our DVR - including "Game of Thrones," in its entirety.  Good show.   Big fan of the Khaleesi, and the Imp.  Not a fan of the rest of the Lannisters.

Anywho again.

I also have this great MRI report to show for my troubles.  It says, among other things, that the radiologist found "no evidence of internal derangement."  Fairly sure that this refers to the fact that all of my flexor tendons were still fully attached to the bones in my hand  - but I like the way it sounds.  "No internal derangement."  Thinking of framing it and hanging it somewhere in the house, so when my spouse says, "Are you crazy?" I can say, "NO, I am not - see?  NO INTERNAL DERANGEMENT."

We now return to this blog already in progress.

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