Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kid Stuff: Turkey Soldier

From the first-grade archives:


Once upon a time Mr. Turkey was at army bace [base] win all the suden a hunter came for a turkey.  He walked over to Mr. Turkey!  And said your coming with me.  Mr. Turkey tried to get away but the hunter finealey catcht Mr. Turkey.  All of the solegers ran after the hunter.  He took him to his house.  He opened the door.  When they got in the hunter pulled up a chair and he told him come sit next to me.  So you arn't going to eat me?  Oh no I just wanted some one to eat with me.  The End.

You know, it's not too late to invite an anthromorphic turkey to your holiday gathering.  You know, just so he can eat with you.  It's really not necessary to find one with a military background - although Thanksgiving would be a great time to thank a turkey veteran for serving his country.

I'm just saying.

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