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Personal Statement

Friday, December 14, 2012


Know what's fun?  When your eight year-old announces that he is completely overhauling his Santa list, "and all of it's custom stuff, Mom."

Greatness.  It was hard enough dragging a "list" out of him the first time.  I use "list" loosely:  we were at our church's Advent kickoff, he abruptly announced that he wanted to sit on Santa's lap after all, and Mom and Dad used the pretense of taking Santa pics to eavesdrop.  The sum total of his requests:  "a live shark and other shark stuff."

More greatness.

And then, apparently, he had a change of heart - the result being eight pages of names of Clone Troopers:

CW Arc Trooper Havoc
CW Arc Trooper Echo
7th Airborne Trooper
Flame Commander
Flame Trooper
Blue Flame Trooper
CW 141st Sniper
CW Lieutenant Dan

. . . and on and on.

Me:  "Um, what are these, exactly?"

Little Kid:  "Custom LEGO minifigures."

Me"  "So, you're asking Santa's elves to just CREATE these for you?"

Little Kid:  "NO.  You - I mean, Santa - can ORDER them.  From"

(Big Kid swears that he did not turn Little Kid on to Clone Army Customs.  And I believe him.  Little Kid has his ways.  Let's just leave it at that.)

For the record, the proprietor of Clone Army Customs is a true artist.  His work is amazing - and pricey.  As in minimum-twenty-bucks-an-inch pricey.  Imperial Commando Rawlins is a bargain at $26, but some of his buddies retail for $65.  For $65, Santa could provide a sack full of regular Clone Troopers, and some Sharpies!  Customize your own, kid. 

I am somewhat tempted to recommend that Santa spring for Lieutenant Dan - just because I appreciate the Gary Sinise reference.

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