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Personal Statement

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's For the Kids

Friend Melanie (amazing director of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - Fort Worth) to me: 

Kendra Scott revenue sharing night, benefiting CFF.  We get 20% of sales between 5 and 8 pm on August 5th..

Me to Spouse:

I have to buy trendy jewelry on August 5th.  IT'S FOR CHARITY.

Spouse to Me:

Well, sure.  I mean, it's basically a moral obligation.

(Yes, I realize that I won the husband lottery.)

Me to Spouse at 9 pm this evening:

You bought me the "Alexandra" in abalone shell and the "Danielle" in iridescent tangerine. 

[Photos below, for the uninitiated.]


Spouse:  Well, good for me.

Me:  Yes, you're very charitable and civic-minded.  You thought about buying the tangerine ones in the "Elle" [Elle is Danielle's petite sister], but the difference in price was only $10, and, you know, $2 of that goes to the kids, so that was that.  You also got a 15% off coupon good towards your next purchase.

Spouse:  And what else are we needing?

Me:  Well, I purposely didn't buy a necklace, because I saw you eyeing one the other day, and I know that you want to buy it for me.

Spouse:  No, you mistook intent for confusion.  It looked like [Name of Friend] had hung a single Danielle earring on a chain and attached a graduation tassel to it, and I wasn't sure if that was an actual thing or if she had gone rogue.

Me:  It's an actual thingAnd you should consider buying one before September 30th [expiration date on coupon].

[Necklace in question - the "Rayne," shown here in mystic iridescent - is below.]

[You can kind of see his point, right?]

Spouse:  I'll take that under advisement.

Me:  I also remembered to stop at Bath & Body Works, and use that coupon, and they were having a "buy three, get three free" sale on top of that, so I really cleaned up.  Small pun intended.  Oh, and I got another coupon, which I plan to use on candles.  [They have one called "Sweater Weather."  I have no idea what SW smells like, but I'm going to buy it based on the name alone, so GOOD JOB, B&BW MARKETING TEAM!]  I can give you a shopping list - you know, if you want to stop by there when you get my non-graduation-tasseled necklace.  I'm going to take a bath now, but first I'm going to do that thing where I try on different outfits with different accessories and ask your opinion.

[I didn't actually say the last part, because it's pretty much assumed.]

A few minutes later:

Me:  What do you think of this Mexican blouse with the abalone earrings and this [non-Kendra, previously owned] necklace?  You know, for tailgating.

Spouse:  I think the necklace is too much, given all of the embroidery up top.

Me:  You would be right, if my hair was down, but my hair is UP, so I can get away with the earrings AND the necklace AND the embroidery.

Spouse:  [Blank expression.]

Me:  See, when my hair is up, that's like one less accessory, and it also says "I'm kinda bohemian and devil-may-care and don't give a rat's patoot if you think I've got too much going on, because THIS IS JUST HOW I ROLL."

Spouse:  I learn something new from you every day.

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Amy Louella said...

I adore you! I use the same logic - so glad to know I'm not alone!! :)