Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Max-iversary

Hard to believe that our youngest "cat child" joined us a year ago this week. Photo was taken three weeks into his tenure with us - Parker was explaining Hot Wheels to him, and, as you can see, he had Max's full attention.

Evidently, the novelty of Max has worn off, as Connor is now plotting to acquire a hamster, Parker has requested a fish and Dad apparently gave them the impression that these requests may be fulfilled once we pull the trigger on our planned upstairs addition. Hmm . . . an oversized ball of feline energy and young male aggression, chasing another ball (containing one small, terrified rodent) down a flight of stairs, with two kids and a barking Sheltie in hot pursuit. We could issue tickets to the show and apply the proceeds to the costs of construction. The idea almost sells itself.

I have suggested "Sushi" as an appropriate name for Parker's proposed fish pet.

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