Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mourning for Galveston

Goodbye, Murdoch's Bathhouse and Mermaid Pier (seen here post-Ike and in much happier times). Farewell, Balinese Room. Hooters, we're even sad to see you go - although we initially resented you for replacing the Ocean Grill, purveyor of the best seafood on Galveston Island (and a great place for communing with seagulls), you redeemed yourself somewhat after a table of your off-duty waitresses sent a round of [non-alcoholic] drinks to our boys. The Spot: the last photo published from the "Spot Cam" shows your windows boarded and your decks cleared of furniture. We anxiously await news of your fate.

We can't remember a summer that didn't involve a trip to Galveston. The Island is like a second home to us - so much so that we started looking at real estate a few years back. We are grieving for those who lost so much, and (although admittedly trivial in the grand scheme) we are grieving for our own loss, specifically the loss of innocence that our boys will suffer as they come to understand that the scenes of so many of their best childhood memories have been washed away. But we will always have those memories, and we will be back. The Gulf Coast will come back as well.

A co-worker went to the beach a week ago. At my request, she went to Murdoch's Bathhouse on the Seawall and bought two painted hermit crab shells for Parker's classroom pets. One is painted Murdoch's blue with the pirate Jean Lafitte on the side. Note to crabs: I want that shell back when you are finished with it . . . .

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Sea Dream Studio said...

I share your feelings about what Ike has done to Galveston. We have so many sweet memories... all the places you mentioned and also the fishing pier where we liked to take our boys... and so many other places swept away. I am wondering about The Spot, also.
Of course I am so sad for all the hardships of the residents who have lost homes, jobs, etc. Galvestoon is an island of survivors. It is her heritage and she'll be back, but I mourn the Galveston that was.
take care~dale