Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If You Ask a Dad to Help You Build A Flower Bed . . .

. . . along the north fence line, he’s going to want to borrow Grandma’s truck to haul all of the supplies for the retaining wall back from Home Depot. If he is going to borrow the truck, he’s going to suggest collapsing boxes and taking them to the recycling center “on the way.” To get to the boxes in the very back of the carriage house, you’ll have to drag storage totes onto the patio and step over the pile of old doors and 2 x 4’s in the left-hand stall. Seeing the storage totes, old doors and 2 x 4’s will remind the dad that he salvaged the old doors and 2 x 4’s to construct shelving for the carriage house. He will want to build the shelving that very moment (and you won’t complain – much – because you really do need the shelving, and the dad doesn’t get these impulses that often). While the dad is building the shelving, chances are that you will start to go through the storage totes to have something to do, and you will notice how many things are in them that you no longer want or need. You will start to make a pile to take to Goodwill. By the time that you have filled the trunk and back seat of your car with Goodwill donations, the attended Goodwill drop-off site will be closed. You will then spend two hours going through Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations and switching out garden flags and outdoor throw pillows.

Seeing the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations will remind you that you need to buy mums.

The next day, the dad will take the boys (in his car, because there is no room in your car for two children, because of all of the Goodwill stuff) to Home Depot to determine which size bag of Kwikrete concrete will make the best “stone” for the retaining wall. While he is there, he will notice three trees that might look pretty in the back yard. He will bring home two different bags and place them in front of the nonexistent flower bed, and you will both stare at them, trying to decide which one to pick. Then he will send you to Home Depot to stare at more bags, count how many bags are on a pallet and look at trees. Since you have to drive by Nana’s to get to Home Depot, you will pick her up on the way. You have to walk by the ready-made Pavestones to get to the Kwikrete pallets, and you and Nana will briefly consider buying Pavestones in lieu of the Kwikrete. When you look at the trees, Nana will mention that she has some decent red oak saplings in her yard and that the neighbor bought a lovely maple from a local tree farm. You will buy mums. You will not buy any Kwikrete. Then you will stand in Nana’s yard and discuss trees.

On the way back from Nana’s, you will stop at the garden center and buy more plants. When you get home, you will put the mums and other plants where you intend to plant them but not actually do any planting. When you place some of the mums between the shrubs that are sitting, still in their nursery pots, along the north fence line, you will think . . .

We really need to build a flower bed.

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