Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, September 20, 2010

Super Target Super Buy

John Derian for Target products are here! Love John Derian. Love Target. Love it when people return Target "internet only" items to the brick-and-mortar store, the brick-and-mortar store employees don't know where to put said items, so said employees mark them down to next to nothing and toss 'em on an end cap.

Found this set of eight John Derian melamine plates taped together with packing tape and marked down to $6.06. That's seventy six cents per plate. Actually, I used my Target Red Card one-day 10%-off shopping pass, so I paid sixty eight cents per plate. BOO-YAH!

See how nicely they go with my Fitz & Floyd "Cape Town" serving pieces? I bought this leaf-shaped plate (which matches exactly the color of my dining room walls) at the Import Store in downtown Fort Worth . . . for two dollars.

The bowl set me back four dollars. I also picked up a divided dish and a huge platter - think I paid four bucks apiece for those.

Before you decide to hate on me, bear in mind the following - I am, for all practical purposes, an unlucky person. My raffle ticket? Always one digit away from the winning one. My chair at the table at the charity lunch? Next to the chair with the sticker on the underside of the seat, entitling the occupant to take home the centerpiece. My call to the morning drive-time show during the big promo giveaway? Yeah, I don't even bother to pick up the phone. So please forgive me my retail luck - it's really all I have going for me.

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