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Personal Statement

Friday, November 11, 2011

Things I'm Digging: IKEA Hacking

My love of the IKEA Expedit bookcase is no secret. Between my office and the kids' bedrooms, we have five of them. Two rest on their sides, three stand upright but all of them are utilized as bookcases.

Apparently, this marks me as a terribly unimaginative - possibly even lazy - person.

Go to or one of the other IKEA hack Web sites (IKEA hack is a term for repurposing or improving upon an IKEA product) and you will see Expedits used in a variety of unique ways - as a kitchen island, or even mounted to the ceiling as a light fixture. (Seriously.)

You will also see them embellished, like this:

Cool octopus.  Although you might notice that my Expedit features an animal shape as well.  Specifically, the shape of our cat, Max.  Does the addition of Max to an Expedit constitute an IKEA hack?

Not all hacks involve my favorite bookcase (or "not bookcase," depending) product.  Particularly intrigued by the pendant lights constructed out of IKEA cheese graters . . . .

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