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Personal Statement

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kid Stuff: Perspective


The Little Kid has it.

Cleaning out the remnants of his first-grade backpack (so that it can be pressed into service as his second-grade backpack), I run across an essay dated March 19th (just after Spring Break):

On St. Patrick's Day I went to a class called world drumming.  It was so fun.  I loved it.

[Note:  World drumming is a Sunday school thing.]

And I got 3 new DVDs like Real Steel.  And stuff.

[Good flick.  Exact same plot as Rocky, but with robots instead of Sylvester Stallone and Talia Shire.  Meaning that the acting in Real Steel is way less mechanical.]

I also went to Mountaysha.  [That would be Mountasia - and, yes, we went there over Spring Break.]  I played mini golf.  And bumper boats.  And I went in the honted house.  [Huh?  Oh - haunted house.  Yeah, I got nothing.  No recollection of a Spring Break haunted house trip.]

And I saw John Carter.  [Ah, yes.  Wasn't hard to convince Nana to take them to that one.  (1)  She's a closet sci-fi fan.  (2)  She's a not-so-closeted "Tim Riggins from 'Friday Night Lights'" fan.  Although, somewhat funnily, she didn't realize that Tim Riggins WAS John Carter until AFTER she got to the theater.  I kind of assumed that that was her primary motivation.  You know, in addition to wanting to indulge her darling grandkids and stuff.]

And I went to my grandmother's house.  And the best part of the week was waiting at Lowe's for hours.  And the rest I just stayed home.

[Um, false.  We went bowling, and did tons of other in-town stuff - wait, back up.  THE BEST PART OF THE WEEK WAS WAITING AT LOWE'S FOR HOURS?  Refer to my prior posts re:  Lowes-pocalypse 2012.  Apparently, one of us thought it was less of a hiney-whipping than others of us.  Hmm.  Note to file:  inquire of small son as to exactly what was the "best part" of our Lowe's nightmare.  And then ask him for lessons in being Zen.]

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