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Personal Statement

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kid Stuff: Stuff My Seven Year-Old Says

Dad's Fantasy Football draft was Friday night, and Big Kid received a sleepover invite, so Mom and Little Kid enjoyed a "Just Us Two Night." A couple of highlights:

(En route from the pool, discussing the gymnastics classes that he and the Big Kid are going to take for purposes of developing diving skills)

Me:  Think about how much confidence you'll have next year.  I mean, if you can flip into a mat, it will be that much easier to flip into the water, right?

Little Kid:  Why do you say that?

Me:  Well, because the water moves out of your way, sort of .  So it's a softer landing.  [At this point, I realize that I may be unintentionally freaking him out about the whole mat thing.]  Not that the mat isn't soft - they both cushion you.  But, psychologically, there's something more comforting about knowing that the water is going to break your fall.  [Stop talking, Mom, before you give him the yips.]

Little Kid:  You know what's softer than water?

Me:  No.  Please tell me what's softer than water.  [Quick, before I dig myself into a deeper hole.]

Little Kid:  That stuff on a sheep's skin.

Me:  Wool?  You mean, lambswool?

Little Kid:  Yeah.  You know, if they filled a swimming pool with lambswool . . . .

Me:  Yeah?

Little Kid:  It would be kind of cool.  I'M JUST SAYING.

Me:  Indeed.

(After arriving home and indulging in ice pops and the animated film, "Superman/Batman:  Apocalypse"):

Little Kid:   You know, nothing good comes out of a boom tube.  [For the uninitiated, in the DC Comics universe, a boom tube is an extra dimensional doorway that allows you to travel through interstellar space.]

Me:  Ha!  Yeah.

Little Kid:  NO, LITERALLY, NOTHING GOOD COMES OUT OF A BOOM TUBE.  Darkseid, Granny Goodness, various minions - all villains, you know?

Me:  Ah.  Good point.

Love the clever little brain in that adorable melon of his.

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