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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Adventures in Party Planning: Toy Story

I shouldn't call these posts "Adventures in Party Planning." A better tag line would be "IT CAME FROM MY PINTEREST BOARD" - evocative of the disorganized horror that is my "Boyish Party" board, which as of this evening is up to 382 pins. I really ought to start a version 2.0. Or split the original into multiple, theme-specific boards. But that would be a TON of boards, and ultimately, probably, more trouble than it's worth.

So, instead, I'll attempt to curate a bit through the Blogger platform.  Concept du jour (du nuit?) is the Toy Story films.

Found this adorbs photo booth concept on the Let's Explore Web site.  Photo props are Mr. Potato head parts, natch.  (Click here for more Toy Story-specific party planning ideas from motivated mom Amy.) 

You could make two sets of Mr. P. H.'s features, and cut out a potato shape (requiring a little brown kraft paper and very little artistic skills - it's a potato, so misshapen is the right shape) to mount on the wall.  A little double-sided tape, a blindfold, and voila, "Pin the Face on Mr. Potato Head."

Love these little green men cupcakes from the Disney Family magazine:

Again, one does not need to be an artiste to pull these off.  (Okay, "du jour/du nuit," "voila" and "artiste" - what the heck?  I don't speak French.  And yet I have pulled off a French trifecta.  And NOW I have inexplicably switched to Latin.  Anyway.)

Likewise, you don't need to be a cupcake blogger to create camo cupcakes like the ones above - but it helps.  These beauties were created by Sarah at The Cupcake Table.  Wouldn't they be cute with actual green army men on them?

Continuing with the army men theme, instructions for making these camo cupcake sandwiches (baked in a whoopie pie pan) can be found on Life is Sweets' blog:

You could make the traditional cupcakes (the cakes themselves, not just the icing) camo as well, using a similar process as what is at work here:  just split the batter into several bowls, tint each one a different camo color with food coloring, and then swirl the colors together in your cupcake tins.

Mustache straws would be appropriate - or is that Mr. Potato Head overkill?  If so, I won't suggest potato skins - wait, I just did.  They would go great with some HAMMburgers.  And these Jello-and-whipped cream parfaits (image courtesy of BChsMamaof3) are evocative of the "cloudy sky" background that PIXAR used for its advertising.  And also Super Mario Brothers.  But that's another party post.

Treat bags would be easy-peasy:  mini Slinkies from the Dollar Spot at Target, some rubber dinosaurs,  perhaps some actual gumball machine aliens (you know, the tiny ones in the little plastic bubbles?).  Wrap everything in a bandana and tie it to a stick, just like Woody would do.

Done, and done.  Who doesn't love "Toy Story"?  Okay, parents don't love the third installment, because it makes them cry.  But 1 and 2 were all kinds of awesome.  And if you don't agree, then (to quote Buzz - and my children, frequently) you are a sad, strange little man (or woman), and you have my pity.

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