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Personal Statement

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The LEGO Taxidermied Deer

In reference to yesterday's post:  here is the $28 deer replica in the flesh.  Or, you know, plastic brick. 

Disclaimer:  I knew nothing about David Cole, or the David Cole Gift Shop, or his "unofficial" taxidermy deer LEGO kit, until I was blogging (ranting?) about the American Girl Shop and Googled "$28 LEGO kit" to find something that was the same price point as AG's allergy-free doll lunch.  (That would be an allergy-free lunch FOR a doll, as opposed to an allergy-free lunch CONSISTING of a doll - which might not be allergy-free,  if you had Latex issues.)

But I love everything about this deer, and the description of it.  Particularly the opening salvo, "Remember your hunting days with this mounted deer LEGO kit: the morning dew, the crunch of the field under your fancy boots, the sad eyes of the majestic, dying animals. It will all come swirling back to you as you assemble these 60-ish pieces."  Sarcasm is to LEGOs as white is to rice.

I also love that:
  • Mr. Cole's shop offers three taxidermied LEGO animal kits (other options:  bear and fox)  and pixelated temporary tattoos - and nothing else; and
  • Mr.Cole's bio includes the following information:   "When I'm not too tired, I'm . . . designing a survival board game about zoo animals that's been called a blend of Mario Party and Dungeons and Dragons. I once interviewed an autistic man who designs planets in his spare time. I accidentally inspired a small subculture of Pokemon fans to tweet in character."
 This could be the Big Kid's Web site in ten years.  Seriously.

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