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Personal Statement

Friday, January 17, 2014

Boy Mom Monday: BOY-lywood

(Yeah, yeah, so it's a few days past Monday.  I've been busy.)

So the Little Kid is REALLY good at twerking, which is unsurprising, since he comes from a long line of booty shakers.  However, we are trying to discourage this activity, since the child lacks any sense of appropriateness in terms of time or place.

He informed us that his New Year's resolution was to STOP TWERKING, but that resolution was broken about nine hours into 2014.  So now we are tying to consistently call him on it, in an attempt to break him of the habit.

Here's the the thing about consistency and parenting:  sometimes, your kid does something that, TECHNICALLY, you should call them on, but they do it so well, or it's so appropriate in its inappropriateness, that you find it hard to hold them accountable.  If you are reading this and you have children, or have ever met a child, or at some point WERE a child (okay, I've covered everyone now, right?), you should have a frame of reference - an adult says something ridiculous or illogical, a child calls them on their ridiculousness or illogic (usually without looking up from their toy or hand-held device), and the adult looks to the adult responsible for that child, expecting them to lower the boom.  The problem is, the child's assessment was SO SPOT-ON that it's hard as the responsible adult to fault them for pointing out the OBVIOUS.  So you end up chastising them on the spot, and then clarifying later that what was objectionable was the fact that they used their outside voice to express an opinion that, maybe, their inside voice got exactly right.

Anywho - Big Kid and I were watching "Bend It Like Beckham," and Little Kid walked into the room in the middle of the wedding reception scene.  Little Kid turned around, flashed a devilish grin over his shoulder, and announced:


And then he proceeded to perform what was, in fact, an inspired mashup of traditional Bollywood dance moves and Miley-esque rump-shaking.

And I just COULDN'T.  He had processed and integrated the commonalities of the two dance styles, the concept and execution were both flawless, and as someone who took so many anthropology classes in college that I could have minored in the subject if I had been paying attention to the number of credit hours I was racking up -

Let's just say that I felt that he had made a profound, culturally literate statement.  And, by unanimous decision, we decided to let the statement stand on its own:  Big Kid looked at me, and me at him, and we both shrugged and said:

"Yup.  Nailed it."

 Consistency's overrated, anyway.

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