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Personal Statement

Monday, January 6, 2014

Boy Mom Monday: He Who Smelt It, Holiday Edition

Two photos of my darling children taken on Christmas Eve, twenty seconds apart:

First photo:  children are sitting on the right side of the sectional.  Second photo:  children are sitting on the left side, and the oldest has moved as far to the left as possible.  Reason:  while Photo #1 was being taken, Son #2 was - erm - releasing flatulence.  "Floating an air biscuit," as one would say.  You may note a certain saucy look on his face, and, also, a slightly uplifted right butt cheek.  Based on anecdotal evidence, said air biscuit exited stage right, drifted over the Little Kid's head and hovered over his brother's.

Hence the relocation to the other side of the couch - and, in no particular order:  the Big Kid's insistence on moving TO THE LEFT; the Big Kid's crossed arms; and the Big Kid's diminished smile, and somewhat watery eyes.

Whereas the Little Kid looks pretty pleased with himself.

In the immortal words of Robert Earl Keen:  Merry Christmas from the family.

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