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Personal Statement

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl With the Small Fry

So, at least initially, I had planned for a social Super Bowl viewing experience.  I had gone so far as to:  locate the Rubbermaid tote with the football-themed serving pieces and dishes; segregate the navy and green paper straws from the other paper straws and make a half-hearted attempt to locate orange ones; and plan a menu and create a grocery list.  And then my week kicked my butt, and I decided that not every Super Bowl needs to be social.  And once I gave myself license not to clean the house or make any other fuss, I REALLY gave myself license not to clean the house or make any other fuss.  As in, it's 3:08 pm on Sunday, laundry's piled up everywhere, floors aren't swept, rugs aren't vacuumed, and the Little Kid and I are curled up on the Sleep Number bed (adjusted to the "Lounge" position), both in PJ's, watching Puppy Bowl.

You know you are a mom if:

You know what Puppy Bowl is;

You watch Puppy Bowl;

You actually look forward to watching Puppy Bowl;

You have, on prior occasions, felt conflicted over whether to watch Puppy Bowl or the actual Super Bowl in real time;

While watching Puppy Bowl, you make note of features new to Puppy Bowl X (penguin cheerleaders!  tailgating dogs!  cats lounging in the Sheba Skybox!);

You stop skipping through commercials to watch the trailer for The Lego Movie and are actually mildly excited to see said film and know that it comes out on Friday;

You call the Little Kid in from another room after seeing a trailer for Animal Planet's new Monster Week (similar to Shark Week) and make sure that he is aware of its existence; and

You call for the Big Kid when Internet sensation Keyboard Cat makes his appearance at the Kitty Halftime Show.

If you are me, you also:

Get mildly excited to learn that Lil Bub (cat with drawfism that is also an Internet sensation) is getting her own special - FEATURING AMY SEDARIS (both petite!  both kinda weird!);

Get marginally more excited when Keyboard Cat "performs" (I use the term loosely) Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven";

Appreciate:  (1) the designation of the tailgating area as the Barking Lot; (2) the puppy warming the bench being named Rudy; and (3) the stadium blackout, attributed to Keyboard Cat (BEYONCE SLAM!), that is saved when the "backup generator" (three hamsters in wheels) kicks in; and

Find yourself saying out loud that "Puppy Bowl has gotten too commercial."  (I mean, seriously, they play in Geico Stadium, the guinea pig-piloted blimp has a Twizzlers logo on the side, and the halftime show was sponsored by Bissell.  Is nothing sacred?)

Thinking about taking a shower now, and making a scaled-back version of the original munchie menu.

By the way, this is a photo of Lil Bub (tiny thing on the right) with Tardar Sauce, AKA "Grumpy Cat."  You're welcome.

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