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Personal Statement

Monday, November 24, 2008

Disturbing Development

So apparently at some point during the Texas Tech/OU game, Parnell advised our youngest that he should be cheering for OU (not a common, everyday thing in our household, but BCS algorithms necessitated that a deal be made with the devil). He reminded Parker that Parker's best friend comes from a hardcore "Boomer Sooner" family, and that factoid seems to have lodged in Parker's brain, because the next thing that I know, Parker comes in and informs me, "My new favorite team is the Sooners. All of my friends are Sooners! I LOVE the Sooners. GO SOONERS!" As I hastily attempted to explain (as gently as possible) the error in his ways, Parnell passed by and whispered, "If OU beats OSU next week, the 'Horns are in a three-way tie and may advance to the conference championship. Let him love the Sooners for another week."

Politics and college football make for strange bedfellows . . . .

UPDATE: We was robbed! This item (which is circulating around the Internet) at least put smiles on our faces:

USA Ranked 4th

After determining the Big 12 championship game participants, the BCS computers were put to work on other major contests, and today the BCS declared Germany to be the winner of World War II.

"Germany put together an incredible number of victories beginning with the annexation of Austria and the Sudetenland and continuing into conference play with defeats of Poland,France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. Their only home losses came against the USA and Russia; however, considering their entire body of work - including an incredibly tough Strength of Schedule (SOS)- our computers deemed them worthy of the #1 ranking."

Questioned about the #4 ranking of the United States, the BCS commissioner stated: "The US only had two major victories - Japan and Germany. The computer models, unlike humans, aren't influenced by head-to-head contests - they consider each contest to be only a single, equally-weighted event."

German Chancellor Adolph Hitler said, "Yes, we lost to the US; but we defeated #2 France in only six weeks." Herr Hitler has been criticized for seeking dramatic victories to earn "style points" to enhance Germany's rankings. Hitler protested, "Our contest with Poland was in doubt until the final day, and the conditions in Norway were incredibly challenging and demanded the application of additional forces."

The French ranking has also come under scrutiny. The BCS commented, "France had a single loss against Germany and following a preseason #1 ranking, they only fell to #2."

Japan was ranked #3 with victories including Manchuria, Borneo and the Philippines. United States coach Harry Truman was criticized for bad taste for scheduling a "politicking" during the halftime of the Germans' bombing of Great Britian. A US fan also made the point that "the Germans got too many style points for their sexy offense, which continues to obliterate weaker opponents and show off their might after the battle is won. But what about defense?"

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