Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun Gift Idea

Several retailers market ribbon-threadable, write-on plates, but The Write Plate ( gets props for putting a spin on the concept and helping a charity in the process. They sell "toppers" (painted cutouts - some wood, others ceramic) that you can attach to your plate with putty that you provide, so that you can customize your plate for a holiday or other occasion. I purchased the football at Christmas in Cowtown (the Junior League of Fort Worth's annual gift bazaar), and I have my eye on the Thanksgiving turkey, the bunny, the chocolate cupcake and the longhorn (hook 'em!). The toppers are made by residents of the Brookwood Community, a "live/work" facility for adults with functional disabilities. Back in the day, the Brookwood Community had a store front in the Houston Galleria, and I bought a lot of gift items there - always very good quality and quite unique.

You can also purchase writeable napkin rings and place card holders, packages of seasonal holiday ribbon and other ribbon trim (camo, toile, vintage prints, and lots of polka dots). My plate actually came from Southern Living at Home, but the ribbon from The Write Plate is the perfect width, and of course the toppers will stick to just about anything, since they adhere with putty.

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