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Personal Statement

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Parkerisms - November 2008 Edition

Our little man turned four years old on October 29th, but he is still exhibiting some of the defiant behavior that is characteristic of three year-olds.

From the files of the Department of Irony:

"You stop calling me a twoll fweak [control freak] RIGHT NOW!"

"I . . . AM . . . NOT . . . OB . . .STI . . . NATE!" (uttered while standing in the middle of his parents' bed, arms crossed defiantly over his chest)

I also enjoyed this exchange involving his older brother (who had asked Parker, relatively politely, to stop playing with one of Connor's birthday gifts that little brother had appropriated):

"You're not the daddy of me, Connor! Are you my daddy? NO - you are NOT. You are my BROTHER, and I do NOT have to listen to you. Mo-o-o-o-m, Connor is saying bad words. He said, 'No,' and he said, 'Get out of my room.' Those are bad, BAD words."

Bad, BAD words, indeed.

But the one that had me rolling was his response after tripping and falling en route to the bathroom: "Wow. I was NOT expecting THAT."

Since Connor is the center of Parker's universe, it's really not surprising that Parker is attempting magic tricks, as Connor is magic-obsessed. However, Parker puts his own spin on things: "Mom, is the gray [silver] coin in my left hand or my right hand? SURPRISE - it's in my underpants!"

He's also perfecting his coin flip - "Mom, heads, you lose, and tails, I win." You have got to like those odds - if you're Parker, that is!

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