Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Friday, September 2, 2011

Adventures in Party Planning: Revved Up About Reading Rocks

So last year Friend Robyn and I decorated a table for the Reading Rocks benefit, on just a little bit of notice, and we had a blast doing it.  Through that experience, I became reconnected with an awesome UT sorority sister, who happens to be co-chairing the 2012 RR event, and, long story short, Friend Robyn and I will be co-chairing the decorations committee!  This is the sort of thing that gets both of us ridiculously, geekily excited.  All I can think of is the Target back-to-school ad with the (really hilarious) kindergarten teacher:  "Glitter.  So much glitter."

Bring on the glitter, and . . . you know . . . everything else!

Found a video clip of last year's event on PicFlip's Web site.  Take a look, and if you're local and want to help (or simply attend with your children - how many charity benefits are this kid-friendly?), let me know:

("Glitter" sign available through CountryWorkshop's Etsy site.)

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