Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Potpourri: Max's Double Life

This is Max.

Max is kind of . . . ever-present . . . in the sense of always being directly underfoot when I try to take a step in any direction.  So imagine my surprise to discover that he has been sneaking away to model for Etsy seller Sugar Baby Ink.  In Toronto. 

Okay, so this cat isn't really Max, but he (or she) is a dead ringer for Max when we was a young cat and hadn't lost his baby fat. 
Our Max is more angular now.  But the real reason that we know that this isn't Max is that this cat is wearing a collar.  We spend a good bit of our day tracking down Max and  restoring his collar to its rightful place around his neck.  He finds a way to take it off in under ten seconds.  Apparently, he's too sexy for it - didn't you get the memo? 

Gosh, a guy does a litle modeling and develops a swelled head.

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