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Personal Statement

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Event: Keep Fort Worth Uncomfortably Interconnected

So I lied when I said that there would be no immediately forthcoming Event-related blog posts.  I'm under stress, so cut me some slack.

Just a short and amusing anecdote, shared primarily to illustrate the proposition that FORT WORTH IS THE BIGGEST SMALL TOWN ON THE PLANET.  Seriously, everyone is two degrees of separation from everyone else, maximum.  (Thus, when my parents decided to relocate to The Fort, they - completely randomly - bought their home from one of my ADPi pledge sisters.  Then, a couple of weeks later, when my recently relocated grandfather fell ill and his new "regular" physician wasn't on call, the doctor who checked in on him in the hospital was . . . none other than the father of said ADPi pledge sister/home seller.  Have I told this story before?  Don't care - I'm under stress, the gerbil is turning the wheel in my head VERY SLOWLY, so moving on.  Mom mentioned the substitute doc's name, told me how wonderful that he was, and I told her that he was my sorority sister's father.  That was just too much of a coincidence for Mom to process, coming so recently from the sprawling Houston metropolitan area, so I told her to wait until the doctor checked in on Grandpap again and then simply . . . TELL HIM HER ADDRESS, AND SEE IF HE BLINKED.  She did.  And he did.  "Oh - YOU'RE the family that just bought my daughter's house.")

That was six years ago.  Mom's been around the block enough times that she is now in full agreement with me that we live in one of the most cheerfully and unapologetically incestuous places that you will ever find.  Which leads into the following:  one of Parker's kindergarten friends attended our school last year, because his mother is one of our teachers, but he is now attending school near their residence.  We were aware that they were in an apartment, and we were aware that they were in our general (current) vicinity, but this afternoon we confirmed that THEY LIVE IN OUR APARTMENT COMPLEX.  Yup - you really can't make this stuff up, people.  Needless to say, PARKER IS OVER THE MOON.  Older brother had already identified some age-appropriate neighbors with whom to swim and hit tennis balls, which did not sit well with little brother, who felt distinctly left out.  BUT NOW HE HAS AN ACTUAL ESTABLISHED FRIEND WHO LIVES IN OUR COMPLEX.  And established friends trump new friends - duh.

Therefore, you can add to Parker's relocation silver lining list:  opportunities for spur-of-the-moment get-togethers (maybe even a slumber party!) with NT.  Already on the list:  friend LG lives two minutes away, Nana and Granddad are now less than five minutes away, and Dad sprang for U-Verse in the kids' room.  Oh, and he saw his first possum while accompanying his father and the dogs on a walk along the riverside jogging trail.  (Seriously?  That was his first possum?  How is that possible?) 

See, our situation doesn't totally suck.  Not totally.

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